Max Factor, False Lash Epic Mascara Black, 13 ml

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Enhance your eyelashes with the ultimate eyelash enhancer, False Lash Epic Mascara. Create a full, diffused effect by sweeping the unique brush from root to tip, capturing each lash for volume and volume.

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Max Factor False Lash Epic Mascara – create the epic lash fan. Designed to stand up to the zoom, False Lash Epic Mascara captures and magnifies every detail of every lash for an epic lash fan. Formula Introducing the False Lash Epic Brush with Zoom-action Tip. The brush gives you the artistry of multiple brushes in one. The Zoom-action tip magnifies your lash fan to epic proportions. The formula is also waterproof for lash confidence whatever the weather.

Features & benefits:

Create bigger eyes with long-lasting volume & lift.
The innovative Lash Uplift Brush captures and lifts every lash.
The helix shape of the brush enables a 360° application.
The wide fins grip and lift each lash, loading it with more formula.
The long bristles twist around the brush for more lash separation.

How To Use

1. Apply False Lash Epic Mascara by removing any excess from the tip of the brush.
2. Look down into a mirror and push the body of the brush deep into the root to capture and coat every detail of every lash for an epic lash fan.
3. Use both sides of the brush to draw it up through your lashes, while moving in any direction around your lashes to diffuse clumps, volume and zoom-in on tiny, invisible lashes – no lash is left unseen.
4 Then twist the Zoom-action tip towards your eye using an up-and-down motion to catch all the tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners.



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