Janda, No. 1 Cream for a good morning & a good night, 50 ml

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Wrinkle reduction, lifting, total density reconstruction

10 in stock

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Perfect for women of all ages. The cult cream that started it all. Perfect, unique, complete. The professional formula of the cream reduces wrinkles, improves the condition of the skin, its tension and firmness.
Complete the treatment with the eye cream and JANDA cream masks.
Non-invasive thickening “threads” – acting in the skin, with extreme efficiency increase the density of its reinforcing fibers by up to 103% after 28 days of use (clinical tests). For improving the firmness and oval of the face.
Non-invasive tightening “threads” – a network of polysaccharide micro-threads that reduces wrinkles by up to 16% in 15 minutes from application! Stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin (in vitro test) and improves skin firmness (in vivo test).
Actively rebuilding peptide – one of the most effective compounds that improve density and reduce wrinkles.



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