Focallure, Staymax Waterproof LashPrimer & Mascara 2 in 1, FA-160, 02

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The brush head gaps be full with microfiber that will help you to reate a seperate not cross eyelash effect easily. Very fine eyelash primer is rich in fiber, which can be evenly attached to each eyelash, helping to achieve the most natural and long eyelash makeup effect.

1 in stock

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This multi-functional product is a combination of a mascara and eyeliner as a whole. The unique C-shaped brush head of the mascara perfectly matches the natural growth radian of eyelashes, which can thicken your eyelashes with just one layer, and gives 30° warped charming effect with two layers. The quick-drying and matte eyeliner solution can help you create a long-lasting and attractive eye look.

Easy to carry.
Waterproof & Sweatproof.
Gives sparse, thick and non-mottled eyelashes.
C-shaped wand gives volume and 30° curl.
Matte eyeliner; dries quickly.

How To Use

Holding the wand horizontally, firmly push into the roots of you upper lash line to deposit a major dose of pigment, wiggling left and right as you pull the wand towards the tips of the lashes. When applying the eyeliner, rub off the excess liquid at the bottle mouth and use the tiny brush to draw a line starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid.



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