Artnaturals, Rose Quartz Face Roller

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One simple facial massage tool made with natural rose quartz crystal.
Artnaturals Rose Quartz Roller is a spiritual therapeutic face massage tool based on simple, traditional, time-honored natural beauty techniques.

8 in stock

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Facial massage has been used for a long time to treat skin problems
Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love
It communicates with the energy point of the heart
It attracts loving energy and removes negative energy
Enjoy after applying the spiritual massage with a facial treatment tool based on natural beauty techniques
Facial massager with the natural benefits of gemstones
Works to reduce wrinkles
Reduce eye puffiness
Reduce acne
Easy to use because of its cylindrical design, Improve skin health
Take your time to be yourself, love your skin and enjoy your inner beauty and glow from within

How To Use

Apply your favorite moisturiser, oil or serum. Use the face roller to massage your face beginning with your chin then moving to cheeks and forehead, always rolling outward and upward from the center of your face. Follow with sweeping outward and upward rolls from under the chin towards your ears and then down the neck towards your collarbones. Chill your facial roller before use to help with puffiness.



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